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I'm an illustration student. How bout that, huh?

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Posted by TehgrateJT - June 3rd, 2010

For those concerned, I still hold this account, although it remains used rarely. With the moneymaking features of this site, I may put this account to work, soon.

Well, Cheerio, I'll see you when next someone cares.

Posted by TehgrateJT - October 9th, 2008

Hello, I'm JT Valles, but I'll probably be referred to by my username, or just JT if you know me.
I give candid, unbiased(biased against spammers only, to be honest.) reviews, if I leave one, and vote accordingly. I voice act, and will have samples up. I am still only learning Flash, but I draw fairly well, so that should be a good start. If by some chance you happen to be bored , check out my dA, as soon as it's link is available. I am a Christian, so I'll probably have less profanity/ sex humor than you like, but that's your problem. If, for that reason, my flashes are blammed, You will have no sympathy from me if that happens to you. Note, I will actually work on what I do, and keep my half-arsed stuff to myself. Also, if I reach a good ground of popularity/talent, and you spam me for the next installment, I will skip work on it 1 day for every seven spams. Please, critique like you've animated before and don't automatically 10/0, or 5/0. The other buttons are there for a reason. Again, note, like every "regular" person here, I am human, and will work at my own pace, dependant on time, schedule, and discipline of my fans.

I'm rather laid back. I do work diligently when necessary, and even so when not. I try to discipline myself, so I'm not hounded every five minutes. I also try to keep my friends in high spirits, and try not to annoy them.

I do talk, and I do so a bit too... vocabularized, if that's a word. I'm not social to the point of being out every five minutes, and I spend quite a bit of time to myself, but once again, I am human.

I'm quite the bright student, and often pass w/ flying colors, so I shouldn't be cut off too often for school.

Final word:
Please, feel free to message me anytime, as long as it's not spam. If you seem to meet certain standards, I might even consider you a friend. I am nice, and rather... interesting to be around. The only people I will not acknowledge are people like SeanJoystick, who need to be taken off the site. That said, I'll be off.